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Cross Cultural Support - An Essential Relocation Tool

The value of cross-cultural support goes beyond relocation as an essential tool for growing global organisations.

Difficulties in coping with a change of culture can be a major contributory factor when a relocation doesn't work out. Culture shock can add to the pressure on an employee who is already having to cope with the demands of a new job, and may have a negative effect on the whole family, leading to a decision not to continue with the posting - depressing for the family, and costly for the company.

Cross-cultural support is, therefore, of great value, both to individuals and employers when considering international assignments.

Practical cross-cultural awareness programmes for relocation ease the transition for relocating employees and their families, ensuring smooth and successful relocations. They should provide cost-effective, flexible solutions tailored to your organisation's business needs, from recruitment to repatriation.

Cross cultural support would typically include:

Cross-cultural support programmes, for individuals and groups, would generally the basics of everyday living, such as essential documentation, health, climate, transport, cultural differences and similarities and their effects on personal interaction and communication, both in business life and in the wider world.

Employees operating across global platforms, or needing to function effectively in a new country, must understand their own culture and the culture they are operating in as part of their personal and business development.

Industry sector cross-cultural training which would normally address building cross-cultural teams, managing global projects, negotiating and delivering client services and managing international virtual teams.

So, cross cultural support and training is more important when considering international assignments and relocation than it might have previously been credited for. No longer should it be considered as a nice extra, but it should be regarded as an essential part of any international assignment and relocation plan and be included right from the start of the planning process.

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